Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunshine Key & Key West!!!

Alright, getting set up in paradise! Thanks Brenda for the cool site!

Daddy, can I start sunbathing now???

Porky's, Beer-Butt Chicken night!!!

Sombrero Beach in Marathon!!! Pure Beach Paradise!!!

Would you make Stella be good?

Daddy, you know I am a camera Hound! Get it???

What me pound more sand up my nose!!!

Breakfast at Sunshine Key Cafe!!!!

Our piece of paradise is all setup and operating full speed ahead!

Doing the tourist thing in Key West @ Hogbody's!

... and it's time to appreciate our wonderful adventure!

Me & my animals are exhausted from a day of play!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Cruise Around South Central Florida!

Relaxing @ Collier-Seminole SP in north Everglades

Many hours disappeared here!

Red Coconut @ Fort Myers Beach, FL ... inches counted here!!!

Halt!!!! Friend or Foe???

Lake Louisa SP near Clarmont, FL, a most beautiful SP!!!

Some people will do anything to save a lot of money!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flamingo Campground @ Everglades N.P.

Sites were 150'W x 85'L HUGE!!! 41 or 230 had 30/50 amp power, water @ dump station only.

No local TV, cell phone or Internet service for 4 days, but the campfires were great!

The Vultures ate your antennas and windshield wipers!

Crocodile along our boat ride into the Everglades on the saltwater side.

The birds had paradise here!

Sun bathing was mandatory!

Don't pet the wild alligators!