Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Hitch and 5th Airborne Pinbox

We replaced our gooseneck hitch setup with a new hitch from Camping World. We had to go to a 25.5K lb. rated medium duty hitch to ensure it was low profile enough for our 5er to pull level or nearest to it. Our new pinbox had to be mounted in its uppermost position for even this to happen. Overall the installation went well except for the dragging our 5er electrical pigtail cord on the maiden voyage with the new hitch. The cord was easy to repair, but it reminded us that safety inspections and numerous stops en-route are VERY necessary when changing locations.
The new pinbox is a 5th Airborne with air-bag suspension. It totally takes out the chucking from 5th-wheel towing to the point you forget the trailer is behind you sometimes!
Our new hitch is a Pullrite Low Pro 25.5K Super 5th measuring 10.5" high above our flatbed so that it tows level. This is an easy hitch to operate once I became familiar with it. It is a whole different operation from a gooseneck ball hitch to a 5er hitch!
Fortunately we still had trailer brakes after our cord was damaged, don't ask me how?!!!
Our electrical cord is shown in the process of being repaired.
Here is the repaired & tested cord complete with new bungy (and added plastic ties) to suspend the repaired cord so that it does not drag on the ground anymore. Let's hope that is the last dumba** thing I do for a while!!!