Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Full-timing with a new puppy

Life became interesting the moment Stella and I locked eyes that spring afternoon May of 2010. I had refused to go into the puppy petting area, I knew how those sly beasts could hypnotize you into taking them home! Well, I wasn't wrong, we were instantly under her spell and a day later our RVing life opened another chapter in how to double our fun and adventures at the same time!!!
How could anyone refuse a look like that?
Or hold still while she has her first Dairy Queen visit in Keystone, SD?
Or not take her on long walks to visit bunny rabbit trails on the family farm as she grows up?

Stay tuned for further adventures of Stella Beagle!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This has been our header photo since we took it in May 2010 when we traveled across Monarch Pass in central Colorado on our way to our workamping jobs in Ouray, Colorado. It was where our Beagle puppy Stella first tasted snow and was the highest pass yet we had gone through. At that time we were still residents of the Florida Keys and didn't relocate our domicile to South Dakota until later that summer. There have been many changes to our RVing lifestyle since and I promise to play catchup on our adventures!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dri Wash n Guard waterless car wash!

Everywhere we travel, we find RV parks and resorts that forbid washing of RV's & vehicles.  There are severe water shortages of clean water in many areas of the country, including those formerly thought of having abundant water tables.
It is inconvenient to not be able to wash your car, truck, motorhome, travel trailer, motorcycle, ATV, airplane, or boat when needed! In fact not washing it can cause damage to the finish from dead bugs, dirt, grease & tar, and other road contaminants.
Sheila and I have been using a waterless cleaner and polish on our truck and 5er for some time now.  Many folks ask us about it when we are cleaning our coach and truck. In fact most want more information of where to buy the products themselves.

We have become distributors to obtain the product for our friends and family. It is not uncommon for someone to come running across the campground toward us when we pull in, to ask if we have refill bottles to replenish their empty bottle. It is a favorite among seasoned full-time RVers who hate the dull scratches ordinary soap cleaning does and the lack of shine wax gives through oxidized finishes caused by the sun's UV exposure!
There is no need to sell Dri Wash n Guard, a 30 second demo sells itself because the product delivers 110% of what is promised.  Not only does the vehicle look clean in the spot applied in 30 seconds, it is UV protected to keep that new look for many years when applied on a regular basis just like normal cleaning & waxing, only easier!
Not enough RVers are using this product in our opinion. Dri Wash n Guard claims that billions and billons of fresh gallons of fresh water have been saved since 1989!  Typically a tiny 32 oz. bottle is sufficient to clean an average RV compared to several hundred gallons of water & soap ... then one must wax in a separate step.  Dri Wash n Guard products are applied in one step of "wipe on, wipe off" to clean & polish, which makes beautifying an RV a more easy task.  It doesn't just look pretty, it has Ion technology to clean deep down at the surface where dirt contaminants stubbornly hide.  One demo and I will wondered why I haven't been using it for life!

We provide the complete Dri Wash n Guard product line as full-time RVers in person or through our website at: 
ZeroWaterClean waterless car wash.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Hitch and 5th Airborne Pinbox

We replaced our gooseneck hitch setup with a new hitch from Camping World. We had to go to a 25.5K lb. rated medium duty hitch to ensure it was low profile enough for our 5er to pull level or nearest to it. Our new pinbox had to be mounted in its uppermost position for even this to happen. Overall the installation went well except for the dragging our 5er electrical pigtail cord on the maiden voyage with the new hitch. The cord was easy to repair, but it reminded us that safety inspections and numerous stops en-route are VERY necessary when changing locations.
The new pinbox is a 5th Airborne with air-bag suspension. It totally takes out the chucking from 5th-wheel towing to the point you forget the trailer is behind you sometimes!
Our new hitch is a Pullrite Low Pro 25.5K Super 5th measuring 10.5" high above our flatbed so that it tows level. This is an easy hitch to operate once I became familiar with it. It is a whole different operation from a gooseneck ball hitch to a 5er hitch!
Fortunately we still had trailer brakes after our cord was damaged, don't ask me how?!!!
Our electrical cord is shown in the process of being repaired.
Here is the repaired & tested cord complete with new bungy (and added plastic ties) to suspend the repaired cord so that it does not drag on the ground anymore. Let's hope that is the last dumba** thing I do for a while!!!