Saturday, January 26, 2013

It has been some time since we have updated our blog of our travels, being busy with family, friends, working, business, hobbies, and just traveling! We are expecting our first grandbaby in June! We are currently spending the winter workamping in the FL Keys after spending the summer workamping in Rawlins, WY. We have a park model in N. Ft Myers, FL that we visit on our days off. We will gather a few photos of our recent and current activities to give an update of where we are today in summary. Next summer we plan to camp host in the Colorado Rockies so it should be an interesting time for Blog updating!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Highland's Hammock State Park

Leaving Pioneer Village for Highland's Hammock SP in Sebring, FL
Thanks to Sherry for the photos!
The fun of hitching up the Jeep!
It is actually a very simple process
On HWY 80 with Jeep & truck camper ahead of Joe & Sherry
Checking in at the registration booth.
Stella can't wait to start exploring, but no puppies on the boardwalk trails!
Let's go check-in!
Very old oak trees in Highland's Hammock!
Moving the picnic table so Joe can back me in.
Both rigs parked!
Joe taking a break after setting up camp.
Connecting water and filter to truck camper, almost done!
Time to enjoy the campfire
Stella wants to be part of the action
Chilaxin at the campfire
More missing time tonight ...
The only position in the whole campground Dish Network would work!

Alligator in the background on boardwalk trail

Better view of his position next to the trail.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pioneer Village, N. Ft Myers, FL

Aha! Our header photo! Very, very dry here!

We got a picnic table delivered perfect for our grill!

Daddy, tell me all about the bunny rabbits here!!!

No Daddy, not Ducks, Bunnies!!!

A day @ Fort Myers Beach!!!
We carved a hunk of paradise out of our value site!
Joey reflects on Workamping!
Stella steals Joey's seat!
Stella says, "NO, I don't want to leave!!!"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rascal Flatts Concert in Jacksonville, FL

My turn finally, Sheila has to wait for hers until next fall!

Sara Evans was really good!

Those eyes follow you!

She really got the crowd going!

She seems so down to Earth! Suds in the Bucket!

Here come the guys!

Try getting this photo in a rapid strobe light of JD drumming!

JD Tebowing!

Gary belting out a song

Gary & Sara

Jay explaining what Justin Beaver will look like in some years!

Making up after a staged argument!

JD making the Gals scream!

Jay being Mr Bass!

Chank & JD dueling!

Travis on Banjo!

The guys revving up the crowd

It was 22* the morning we left Jacksonville, Brrr!

That is frost, not snow!!!

Just try to move this picnic table @ Pecan Park!

We had close air support all week!

Pull up, Pull up!!!

Even the FA-18's competed for our hearing!

Dog Fight!!!!